Reno Nevada Backup Disaster Recovery Services

keepsafe your company and client data

Reno Nevada Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Is your business “Working without a Net?”   

Back-up Disaster Recovery, or BDR, is what we offer to safeguard your data in case something tragic happens. Events like Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, and even Data Theft or a Ransomware attack can cripple a business when Data is lost and unrecoverable. In fact, many small businesses will not recover from one of these events. 

That’s where we can help. 

Our BDR solution will not only back up your Data every hour, but we will monitor your system around the clock to make sure you are getting a full back-up. Besides the BDR unit we will install at your office, we also store your data in two secure Cloud locations, ensuring a quick response time if Data Recovery is called for. Our BDR solution will truly give your business the “Safety Net” you’ve been missing. 

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